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Falino Gallery is founded more or less last 11 year. Background overshadow market orientation which return to nature, searched by form which is natural. Available also of teak raw material, teak core root and stone which come with the best quality.”
“Our product for example, furnitureroot furniturerepro furniture and stone statues. Our furniture have high value because its raw material come from old wood.”
Welcome to Falino Gallery and please browse to our site to see our sample product. Fell free to contact us for more detail and how to order.

Teak Furniture

Our Teak furniture, made by talented artist, Base on best quality raw material. Our furniture will looks elegant in you interior an exterior ornament need .”
Sample Content of Teak Furniture

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Teak Root Furniture

Sample Content of our Teak Root Furniture

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Stone Statue

Stone Statue is a swan song chisel from our actor with workmanship of smooth hand and also supported by the quality of good stone materials, hence product of stone statue very competent to become your collection.

Budha Statue

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Ganesha Statues

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Large Statues 

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Shiva Statues

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